Wednesday, September 30, 2009

happy 1st birthday "little g"

Matt came up with this carrot cake design. Genius, no? The mane is toasted coconut. Gigi loves all things growling, so we thought this suited her. More to come about the cake and what she did or did not do with it (I'm awaiting the pictures to be uploaded from our "nice" camera--Matt, the pressure is on you now).

making her own birthday cake

Saturday, September 5, 2009

boobs cruise

Betsy in Cabos San Lucas:

Lover's Beach (sans my own lover):
View of our ship from Lover's Beach:

Gigi has a discerning sand palate and prefers the sands of Cabo over all others:


Gigi waiting to board our ship (note the black eye). Her black eye featured quite prominently in all of the cruise photography. She looked like such a miniature crawling quasimoto with her two lonely teeth and a big black eye. They didn't even try to sell me on any of the cruise photos.

One last note on the cruise: This was my first one and David Foster Wallace was right about the whole experience. I kept thinking of a combination of his commentary and visuals from the last half of Wall-E. As for the company, being with the ladies of my family made the entire trip a success.