Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here are some pictures of our trip to the Tetons with my family two weeks ago:

Baby Hank the hiker (even on the trail the bink must be accessible).
At the beginning of our 9 mile hike up cascade canyon.
Slow but steady with my front-load.
Belly vs. Tetons

Monday, July 28, 2008

summer school: a bleg

Matt is teaching summer school these next two weeks and needs some ideas on good books for high school summer slackers. They are reading The Tempest right now. Any ideas?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

mama bear

We went to The Roots concert on Thursday night as part of the free Twilight Concert Series in Gallivan plaza. Matt had scouted out a perfect spot earlier in the day and hung out there to make sure I had shade and a good position to see the stage. As it got more and more crowded we began to see that this crowd was much bigger and jerkier than any of the crowds at the same concert series last year. At one point, this drunk guy was trying to jump up over the wall I was sitting on and he lost his balance and fell right on my stomach. I freaked out (Matt didn't have time to stop me), grabbed him by the chest and threw him to the ground, yelling like a banshee that he was a "f-ing idiot" (although I used the real f-bomb and not the euphemism). He looked incredibly bewildered; I'm not sure he realized what hit him. To be perfectly honest, I was pumped. It felt good to be truly enraged, invigorating, but also frightening. I really think I could have beat that guy up. But Matt said it wouldn't be satisfying anyway because he was drunk, and it is apparently so much more satisfying to beat someone up who is in their right mind (I'm not so sure of that, Matt).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was supposed to be on call tonight, but the midwife on today just called me and wanted to trade tonight's call for tomorrow. You're asking a pregnant woman to trade a night call for a day? Any guarantee of sleep is enough to make me swoon right now! Be still my heart . . . what will I do with this unexpected gift of time?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

shouts and murmurs

Matt and I have been reading the New Yorker for many years now, and we are always amazed at how un-funny we find the Shouts and Murmurs humor section of the magazine. This past week's issue from June 30 was the exception. We howled with delight at the Simon Rich piece, "Animal Tales." Check it out here. Our online search of Simon Rich then led us to this choice piece, "The Wisdom of Children" found here. Note to those who are pregnant: you will pee your pants. And get this, he is only 23 years old.