Thursday, January 28, 2010

birthday trip to Zion

Matt and I spent the weekend in Zion National Park without little g. They had had a large snow storm the day before we got there. The colors were beautiful; by far my favorite time of year to visit. Matt insisted on hiking Angel's Landing, despite 2-3 foot snow on the top. I admit, it was a little crazy and not very responsible but the views were fantastic and quite a way to spend a birthday (we were the only ones to have gone to the end of the trail for a day or two, everyone else seemed to turn back once the steep chains section started). Matt was egging me on the whole time, challenging my toughness while I threatened him with lifelong guilt if his pregnant wife were to slip over the edge. It worked and we made it home intact.

Snow angel on top of Angel's Landing:

winter catch-up

I know, I know . . . no postings in too long. Here are the photos to get everyone caught up and console my poor weeping mother in New York.