Monday, January 10, 2011

single white bunny (swb)

Gigi's bunny takes naps in her bed, wears her bib, eats in her chair, and now rides in style. Gigi insisted that I put bunny "in the pack" and then she proceeded to wear her baby bunny all afternoon in my scarf turned baby wrap. I think that bunny should do a little work around here if it wants to stay in my good graces (the usurper).


Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh said...

Hop high, Gigs!

Anonymous said...

oh, love love love it!

Deborah Barlow said...

SWB. I love that. These are great photos Celeste.

Liz Stanley said...

haa so CUTE

Mom said...

What a little doll. Grandpa Tim

Anonymous said...

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